• Fleecy Jumper Navy

    Fleecy Jumper Navy

    Navy fleecy jumper with no emblem Midford brand Poly/Cotton

  • Girls Bow

    Girls Bow

  • Long Sleeve Boys Blue Shirt

    Long Sleeve Boys Blue Shirt

    School blue long sleeve boys shirt Midford brand Poly/Cotton

    $27.50 - $29.90
  • Long Sleeve Girls Blouse

    Long Sleeve Girls Blouse

    Long sleeve girls school blue blouse Midford brand Poly/Cotton      

    $28.00 - $29.50
  • Navy Pants

    Navy Pants

    Navy boys pants Midford brand Poly/Viscose

  • Navy Stockings

    Navy Stockings

    Navy stockings Red Robin brand

  • Navy Track Pants

    Navy Track Pants

    Navy fleecy track pants with double knee Midford brand Poly/Cotton  

    $23.00 - $25.00
  • Sax Socks

    Sax Socks

    Light blue 3 pair pack Red Robin brand

  • Scarf


    100% acrylic GBCCS logo

  • Scrunchie


  • Short Sleeve Shirt

    Short Sleeve Shirt

    School blue short sleeve shirt Midford brand Poly/Cotton

    $25.00 - $27.00
  • Shorts Navy

    Shorts Navy

    Navy Midford Brand Poly/Viscose  

  • Sports Navy Jacket

    Sports Navy Jacket

    Navy jacket with emblem Midford brand Poly/Cotton  

  • Sports Navy Shorts

    Sports Navy Shorts

    Navy sports shorts Scags brand Poly/Viscose

  • Sports Polo

    Sports Polo

    Made in Australia Sky blue with navy panel Poly/cotton

    $27.90 - $30.90